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Salsaventura has been the leading dance company in Holland for more than 15 years.

And this is because of 1 thing: Structure!

According to our vision a dance class and a dance course needs structure!

Salsaventura offers you a Step By Step System in such a way ANYONE can learn how to dance!

And we are so confident that we offer you a no good - money back guarantee!

Step by step

You will start of with Dance Technique where you work on your posture, positioning, balance,


You will start of with Dance Technique where you work on your posture, positioning, balance,


You will start of with Dance Technique where you work on your posture, positioning, balance,


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Ladystyling Course

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Ladystyling Course

We just recorded a complete Ladystyling course.

Don't expect some tricks that you will never use but get ready for a COMPLETE set of structured teaching.

You will start of with Dance Technique where you work on your posture, positioning, balance, awareness and so much more.

The second part is all about spinning. How to spin and how to learn the right technique.

And the third part is about Styling & Musicality. How do you bring you dancing to the next level using the music when you dance.

Teacher: Vanessa Mambi
Now Available

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Also juist recorded: Switch On2 Course.

A step by step method to go from dancing On1 to dancing On2.

Using the right technique, posture, balance and most important: your timing!

Teacher: Ronald Pieters
Expected soon

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Lifetime access

What's included?


 Beginners 1

Salsa Beginners 2

Salsa Beginners 3

Salsa Intermediate 1

Salsa Intermediate 2

Salsa Intermediate 3

Salsa Advanced 1

Salsa Advanced 2

Salsa Advanced 3

Salsa Rhythm & Timing

Salsa Shines

Salsa Ladies Styling

Bachata All Levels

Bachata Romantica 1 - coming soon

Bachata Romantica 2 - coming soon

Bachata Romantica 3 - coming soon


Kizomba Improvers / Intermediate

Kizomba Intermediate / Advanced

Kizomba Beginners 1

Kizomba Beginners 2

Kizomba Beginners 3

Coming Soon
Footwork On2

Partnerwork On2 Level 2

Ladies Styling
Dance Technique

Ladies Styling

Ladies Styling
Styling & Musicality

From our clients

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Terry from New York City

"By far the best instructor on the web. Not only because of the way each and every move is explained but also because of the great structure that is used."

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Lisa from Paris

"I love the structure and the building blocks. For the first time somebody knows how to put a system in place for both men and women."


Sarah from Singapore

"How great this is! Ideal to practise and to get some inspiration before heading for a salsa class or salsa party"


Edward from Bulgaria

"Salsaventura thank you! Your classes can not be found in this region. Through this platform we have access to your material. I am looking forward for all the levels that will be added in the future."

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