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The most structured step by step Salsa program from absolute Beginner to Advanced.


Men, stop trying to remember all your moves! 80% of everything the best dancers are doing, consists out of 6 Turn Patterns. That is right. Learn those 6 turns and set yourself free from frustration!

Step by step

There is a strategy to the entire teaching program. This is not about us, this is about you! With this special system we help you every step of the way to go from an absolute beginner tot an advanced dancer.

Clear instructions

Lets get rid of the confusion. You will learn exactly what to do, when to do it and how to do it. Every move was tested many times on the dancefloor and can be performed comfortably with anyone.



If there is one dance that has conquered the world than it is without any doubt Salsa! This dance contains different styles such as Cuban Salsa, Los Angeles Salsa and New York Salsa. At Salsaventura we mainly teach LA-Style and we also have tutorials On2 (NY-Style).



We also offer you a basic Bachata course. The Bachata style is called Bachata Moderna and covers practical moves with a partner including some Dominican Footwork. This year (2023) more levels of Bachata Moderna will be added to the Bachata syllabus. So stay tuned.



You will find 5 different Kizomba courses. We offer a step by step Kizomba 1, 2 and 3 course. As an extra we added a Kizomba Beginners/Intermediate and a
Intermediate/Advanced course. So be sure to check out all levels since there is something here for everyone.

“Men, remember that most women prefer connection and fun with a dancepartner above turnpatterns!”

Morry – Salsaventura

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What we do

Many students all around the world consider our teachings as ‘the best’. We do not believe in such a thing as ‘the best teacher’. The best teacher is that teacher that meets your needs in a certain time of your personal dance journey. We do believe in one thing that distinguishes us from most other schools in the world today. And that is structure.

There is a saying: ‘If I don’t want you to learn anything, I will teach you everything’.

At Salsaventura we work with our own ‘Six Turn Pattern System’. This is based on the fact that everything the best dancers do on the dancefloor consists out of six turns. That’s it.

Once you know those six turns, you can start to play around with it. So no more taking notes, no more trying to remember all the moves, no more endless repetitions because you cannot remember your moves.

Welcome to the world of Fun & Freedom on the dancefloor.

Paul & Angela

Hornchurch, Havering, Great Brittain

“My partner and I have been following your classes on Youtube religiously and have learned so much over the last 6 months. You guys are by far the best teachers on YouTube and have inspired us greatly”

Johan Dijkxhoorn

Schipluiden, The Netherlands

“Finally I dare to ask a lady to dance. I could dance a bit of salsa, but I couldn’t master many of the moves. After following Salsaventura’s instructional videos I learned so much. Beautiful flowing combinations. It makes me lead with so much more confidence. Thanks to the step-by-step explanation and tips, I have become a much better dancer”

Victor Martinez

St. Petersburg, Florida

“Wow! Absolutely Amazing! I started receiving immediate compliments on the dance floor as soon as I mastered beginners level 1 classes. Morry’s 6 pattern turn system is awesome and it provides a wide range of moves you can do even if you forget your most complicated combos. Absolutely love this instruction package and can’t wait to view the beginners level 2 & 3 course material!

Thank you Morry and Vanessa, for providing such a robust and thorough structure to follow and learn to in our international salsa adventure!”



“Salsaventura thank you! Your classes can not be found in this region. Through this platform we have access to your material. I am looking forward for all the levels that will be added in the future.”

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