Salsa Courses English

Salsa Footwork | Rhythm & Timing | Ladies Styling


Below you'll find some extra Salsa series. With the Salsaventura Shines series you'll never have to worry that anyone lets you go on the dancefloor and starts going grazy with his or here footwork. This Shine system will teach you lots of easy, easy to remember and practical shines for on the dancefoor. 

Rhythm & Timing
In the Rhythm & Timing series Morry & Timbalero Soeshiel Sharma dive into the Rhythm & Timing of Salsa music. Soeshiel will explain the different instruments and sounds and Morry will make the translation of the music to the dance. A great way to learn how to dance in time with the music. 

Ladies Styling
Cyldra, also known as Brown Sugar teaches you Ladies Styling on a Beginner and Intermediate level. Great detailed explanation using arms, body movement and footwork.


Salsa Shine 1 English
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What will you learn?

√ Piano Step
√ 3 Taps
√ Front Toe Taps
√ Suzy Q
√ Pulsating Suzy Q
√ Bachata Step
√ Spiral Step
√ Victory Step
√ Double Left Step
√ Shuffle Step
√ Side Steps
√ Box Step / 3 Slides
√ Half Flair
√ Toe Heel Toe Step
√ Double Spiral Step
√ Double Shuffle Step
√ Full Flair
√ Toe Heel Toe Turn



Salsa Rhythm & Timing EnglishUnfortunately you do not have access to this training yet 
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What will you learn?

√ The Conga
√ The Bongo
√ The Timbales
√ The Maracas
√ The Clave
√ The Bongo Bell
√ All Instruments Combined
√ Translation from Music to Dance
√ How to dance on the Bongo & Bongo Bell
√ How to Dance on the Clave



Salsa Ladystyling English
Unfortunately you do not have access to this training yet
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What will you learn?

√ Solo Basic Cha Cha Cha with Legs
√ Solo Basic Side Step with Cross
√ Solo Basic Side Step with Arms
√ Solo Basic Side Step with Arms #2
√ Solo Basic CBL Step Tap
√ Solo Basic Cross Body Lead Capow
√ Solo Basic Sitting Down
√ Solo Basic Step Tap with Flick
√ Single Left Turn with a Flick on 3
√ Single Left Turn using a Flick with the Arms
√ Single Left Turn using an accent on the Hip
√ Suzy Q using Shoulder Roll or Shake
√ Suzy Q Shoulder Shake
√ Suzy Q Shoulder Rondé
√ Suzy Q Broken Rhythm
√ Suzy Q Combination
√ Single Left Turn Flick
√ Single Right Turn Betty Boop
√ Combination Capow Rondé
√ Solo Hip Movement
√ Single Left Turn Front Walks Samba
√ Pulsating Suzy Q Turned
√ Left Pivot Turn Bend And Snap
√ Lady Styling Choreography 1
√ Lady Styling Choreography 2
√ Partner Nice Restrictions 360 pushing hand
√ Partner Nice Restrictions 360 turning body
√ Partner Nice Restrictions 360 using hand
√ Partner T-Stand 3 Taps
√ Partner T-Stand Capow
√ Bloopers



Salsa Bonus Material


Salsaventura Night Live
Celebration of our Salsaventura 20th anniversary. These video's where not made to sell but more as a memory for ourselves. Since so many of our students asked for the recordings we decided to put them online for free. The quality of the recordings is not great but we hope you can still enjoy the show. 

Dutch Open Salsa Championships 2007
Between 2002 and 2008 we organized the Dutch Open Salsa Championships. In 2007 Dutch best dancers came on stage to compete for the title in a thrilling competition. 

Dutch Open Salsa Championships 2007