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Salsa Ladies Styling *New*

Get ready for a brand new Ladies Styling Series!

This is the first of a total of 4 Ladies Styling Video series bij Vanessa Mambi.

Vanessa hardly needs any introduction. She was the founder and CEO at VIP Dance Company in Holland where she simultanously trained 3 teams with whom she performed on most festivals around the word.

As a dedicated business woman she decided to share her most important material with the world using

Salsa Ladies Styling Fundamentals

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What will you learn in this
Salsa Ladies Styling Fundamentals

√ Posture
√ Holding your posture while dancing
√ Body Movement
√ Arm Styling
√ 3 Taps with Styling
√ Suzy Q with Styling
√ Cross Body Lead with Styling
√ Single Right Turn with Styling
√ Single Left Turn with Styling
√ Cross Body Inside Turn with Styling
√ Basic Step with Styling
√ Side Basic Step with Styling
√ Cumbia Step with Styling