The Best Way to Learn about Salsa Rhythm & Timing 

by Salsaventura


Do you have a hard time to dance in time with the music or to understand the rhythms of Latin music?

 So did I.

It took me personally 3 months to learn how to dance the basic step of Salsa! Yes!!! 3 months!!!

 It took me another 3 months to learn to dance in time with the music.

And when I thought I finally had it, I found out I didn't!

So I promised myself that once I would understand it better, I would find a way to help people how to learn to dance in time with the music. 

So if you are having a hard time finding the beat or if you just want to know more about how Salsa music is build up and what instruments are being used there is no better way than this CD. 

What will you learn?

Within this CD you will discover

  1. The different instruments that are being used to make Salsa music
  2. You will learn to recognise the sound of the different instruments
  3. You will learn the difference between Salsa and Cha Cha
  4. You will learn the difference in counting for dancing On1 and On2
  5. And you will get some extra bonus songs to dance on

What will you get?

This CD series contains the following video's

  1. Song: Hong Kong Criminal
  2. Individual Instruments
  3. Combination of 2 instruments
  4. Combination of full rhythm section
  5. Montuno part in full rhythm section
  6. Cha Cha Cha
  7. Basic rhythm for Salsa and Mambo
  8. Song Descarga Ventura

Please order for € 30,- only