Salsaventura Teachers Foundation Course

Most teachers courses teaches you how to dance, this course teaches you how to teach!

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Why the Teacher Foundation Course?

Have you ever walked into a Salsa class where the teaching was of a poor quality?
Who did you blaim? The teacher? Probably not!
Most beginners that join a poorly given Salsa class will not blaim the teacher. Why would they?
Most beginners will think that it is the dance that is not right for them.
"You see! I told you this was not for me" and off they go!

If they only knew!

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We never get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression

The best dancer is not always the best teacher.And you don't have to be a great dancers to be an outstanding teacher.It has been our mission for over 15 years to teach people how to teach dancing.Where most teachers training will focus on the dancing and the technique, we also focus on the art of teaching!

What can you expect?

Personal Development

We believe that, in order for you to be able to give the best of yourself to others, you need to know a lot about yourself. 

And that means we will not only talk about dancing. 

We will dive deep into the field of personal development.


If a teacher will ask you to lie down on the floor, you probably will!

Why? Because at a very early age we learn that we should respect our teachers!

Learn how to deal with that responsibility. 

Besides you need to learn how to give and how to receive feedback. 

Didactical Skills

The best dancer is not always the best teacher and the best teacher does not have to be the best dancer. 

Teaching is an art based on the need to share your passion with others. 

Learn how to pass on the information to others in the best way possible. 

Communication & Presentation

You will never get a 2nd chance to make a 1st imprission.

In these modules we will teach you how to walk, stand, dance and talk in front of an audience. 

Besides you will learn what to say and how to say it. 

Rhythm & Timing

As a teacher you need to know how to dance in time with the music. 

Within this program you will get access to every single strategy that we have created to help people how to dance in time with Salsa music.


Class program

You get life time access to our full Salsa Beginners and Salsa Intermediate program. 

Those programs contain a total of 60 classes. 

Now be sure that you teach in a structured, clear and fun way. 

The Modules


√ Process of learning
√ Who are you? The DISC personality test.
√ Explanation of the DISC test – Part 1
√ Explanation of the DISC test – Part 2
√ The DISC test – results


√ The Golden Step by Step Plan for Every Class
√ Teaching strategy
√ The Key To Success for Every Dance Class: Cueing
√ Cueing
√ Cueing practicality
√ Cueing with music
√ How to teach more effectively without wasting time
√ Quick scan
√ How do you make everyone change partner in a group?
√ How to prepair your class

Communication & Presentation

√ Communication is key
√ Communication
√ How to deal with trouble
√ Issues during the class
√ Say what you do and do what you say
√ Non-visual
√ You never get a second change to make a first impression
√ Presentation skills

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The Salsa Beginners Program

With this Salsa Beginners 1, 2 & 3 series you will have all you need to learn how to teach Salsa from the very beginning until the level of an intermediate dancer.

Everything you learn in the first 3 levels is based on the unique Salsaventura 6 Turn Pattern System. With this system, explained in detail in the level Salsa Intermediate 1, you will not only build a strong foundation but you will discover that you can teach each and every turn in many different ways.

What will you learn?

√ 4 Basic Steps
√ Marching Step
√ Cross on 2 & 3
√ Single Right Turn (SRT)
√ Single Left Turn (SLT)
√ Rhythm & Timing
√ Frame position in partnerwork
√ Different basic steps in partnerwork
√ Cross Body Lead (CBL)
√ CBL & SRT Ladies
√ CBL SRT Ladies, SRT Men
√ CBL SLT Ladies, SRT Men
√ CBL, SRT Men #2
√ SLT Men #1
√ SRT Ladies, SLT Underarm Men
√ SRT Ladies, SLT Men RR / LL
√ Letting Go
√ SLT Letting Go - paralel holds
√ SLT Letting Go - Fake Version
√ Social Dancing

What will you learn?

√ Cross Body Turn Inside (CBTI)
√ CBTI with Cross Body Lead (CBL)
√ CBTI with Single Right Turn (SRT) Men
√ CBTI with Underarm Turn Men
√ Shouldercheck
√ Butterfly
√ Pull Across #1
√ Pull Across #2
√ Pull Across #3
√ Cross Body Turn Outside (CBTO) #1
√ Cross Body Turn Outside (CBTO) #2
√ Policeman
√ Policeman with a CBTI
√ Pull Across letting her go
√ Hammerlock & CBTI

What will you learn?

√ Reversed Cross Body Turn
√ Sombrero
√ Sombrero with Shouldercheck
√ Sombrero with Cross Body Turn Inside
√ Enchufa
√ Enchufa R/R hand hold
√ Enchufa 3 Versions
√ Enchufa Doble
√ Box #1
√ Box #2
√ Box #3
√ Pull Across Hammerlock Box

The Salsa Intermediate Program

Within the Salsa Intermediate series you will discover that everything you've learned in the Salsa Beginners series is based on the unique Salsaventura 6 Turn Pattern System. With these 6 turns any student can build about 80% of everything that is being excecuted on the dancefloors today. 

The Salsa Intermediate series offers the student the perfect next level after he/she has followed the Beginners series. In this series you will find different ways to let the student implement the Salsaventura 6 Turn Pattern System and you will learn how to create new turns using the 7 Ways of Holding Hands and the 3 Levels of High & Low

Expect clear and detailed instructions for men and women so each and every move can be executed in a comfortable way. This series offers you lots of practical moves for on the dancefloor. The Intermediate levels will prepare your students for the Salsa Advanced series. 

What will you learn?

√ Drop & Catch
√ Take Her for a Walk
√ Take Her for a Walk #2
√  360
√  360 #2
√  Drop & Catch #2
√  The Walk
√  Butterfly Hammerlock
√ The Walk #2
√  6 Turn Pattern System
√  7 Ways of Holding Hands & 3 Levels of High & Low
√  Salsa Contract General Tips
√  Salsa Contract Technical

What will you learn?

√ Cross Body Lead Plus
√ Copa
√ Insights & Strategies
√ Copa with 1½ Turn for the Men
√ Show the world #1
√ Double Right Turn (DRT) Ladies L/R
√ Double Right Turn (DRT) Ladies R/R
√ Cross Body Turn Plus #1
√ Cross Body Turn Plus #2
√ Reversed Cross Body Lead Hammerlock
√ Copa Touch & Go
√ Embraced Paper Clip #1
√ Triple Combo Turn
√ Bring Her Back
√ Take her for a Walk & Turn

What will you learn?

√ Turn Preparations for the Ladies
√ Spiral Turn
√ Spiral Turn with a Backward Butterfly
√ Spiral Turn #2
√ Reversed Copa
√ Spiral Turn Reversed Copa
√ Embraced Paperclip #2
√ Fake Copa #1
√ Enchufa Hook Turn
√ Hook Turn for the Men
√ Backward Copa
√ Discus Turn #2
√ Discus Turn #1

Normal Price € 1344,- 

Your Price € 547,-

Life Time Access!


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Money Back Guarantee

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just tell us within 30 days and we will sent you your money back.