Salsa Lady Styling



Ladies Styling

Cyldra, also known as Brown Sugar teaches you Ladies Styling on a Beginner and Intermediate level. Great detailed explanation using arms, body movement and footwork.

What will you learn?

√ Solo Basic Cha Cha Cha with Legs
√ Solo Basic Side Step with Cross
√ Solo Basic Side Step with Arms
√ Solo Basic Side Step with Arms #2
√ Solo Basic CBL Step Tap
√ Solo Basic Cross Body Lead Capow
√ Solo Basic Sitting Down
√ Solo Basic Step Tap with Flick
√ Single Left Turn with a Flick on 3
√ Single Left Turn using a Flick with the Arms
√ Single Left Turn using an accent on the Hip
√ Suzy Q using Shoulder Roll or Shake
√ Suzy Q Shoulder Shake
√ Suzy Q Shoulder Rondé
√ Suzy Q Broken Rhythm
√ Suzy Q Combination
√ Single Left Turn Flick
√ Single Right Turn Betty Boop
√ Combination Capow Rondé
√ Solo Hip Movement
√ Single Left Turn Front Walks Samba
√ Pulsating Suzy Q Turned
√ Left Pivot Turn Bend And Snap
√ Lady Styling Choreography 1
√ Lady Styling Choreography 2
√ Partner Nice Restrictions 360 pushing hand
√ Partner Nice Restrictions 360 turning body
√ Partner Nice Restrictions 360 using hand
√ Partner T-Stand 3 Taps
√ Partner T-Stand Capow
√ Bloopers