Salsa Teachers Course


Welcome to the Salsaventura Teachers Training!

This step by step method will help you to become a great teacher.

A few tips before you start:

Please realize that the best dancer is not always the best teacher. So please be patient with your students.
In the beginning fun is so much more important than technique or even timing. Make you classes fun and people will learn faster
Most student prefer a nice and great class than a demonstration by their teacher, so please stay modest, no matter how great you look on the dancefloor.





Salsaventura Teachers Foundation Course

Most teachers courses teach you how to dance, this course teaches you how to teach!

This program is not about becoming a better dancer. This program is about helping you to become the best teacher YOU can be!

Will you become a better dancer? Absolutely!

Becoming more aware of what you do will automatically improve your dancing a lot!

But again, this program is all about mastering the art of teaching!

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